Orchid Care


 Orchid Care:

↦ Keep your orchid in a spot that receives bright indirect light

↦ Temperatures around 20-30 °C

↦ Avoid air-conditioning and heat 

↦ Ensuring proper ventilation, and the appropriate air humidity is about 70%

↦ The appropriate amount of water for an orchid varies with the type of orchid. Don’t water it too often. Once or twice per month.

Information provided by Taiwanese orchid suppliers

The flowering period is about 2-3 months under the proper care



↦ 需要散射陽光但不要直射

↦ 適合溫度約20-30 °C

↦ 冷氣和暖氣切忌直吹蘭株

↦ 空氣需流通室內要通風, 適當的空氣濕度約70%

↦ 耐旱的蝴蝶蘭, 淋水需等植料完全乾透才可進行, 一淋便淋透, 平均1-2次/月