Flower Care

Tips for caring blooms:

↦ Keep vase and clippers clean

↦ Trim the stem at a 45degree angle before placing them in water

↦ To extend the life of your flowers, allow them rehydrate into water for an hour or more before arranging

↦ Below the vase water line is a scared space: no leaves are allowed. They will rot and feed bacteria that turn vase water into an unpleasant swamp that will shorter a flower’s life.

↦ Refresh vase water daily.

↦ Arrangements should be kept in cooler corners, or of direct Sun for the longest life.

↦ Vase life varies dramatically from flower to flower. Learn to appreciate this part of charm.



↦ 時刻保持花樽和花剪清潔,使用前可徹底消毒

↦ 可用花剪以45度修剪花腳,增加吸水面積

↦ 為延長鮮花壽命,插花前可深水養約1小時候後再進行插花

↦ 花樽入面或水線以下不應有葉。若葉材浸泡水中會腐爛並滋生細菌,細菌會令水變混濁,從而縮短花材壽命

↦ 花樽每天需換新鮮水 或 使用花粉提供營養和殺菌

↦ 鮮花應存放在通風/低溫環境下,避免陽光直射和擺放生果隔離,以延長壽命

↦ 切花花材壽命因品種/照顧方法/存放環境而異,學會欣賞他們自身魅力